Friday, June 5, 2009

Roadtrip!! 2009 family vacation

We started our 2 week vac off in Crowell, TX on our way to Amarillo. I took Cynde and the kids on a tour of the 3RF Comanche Springs Astronomy Campus and introduced them to the wonderful Longhorn Ranch Steakhouse just west of Crowell.

Family in front of CSAC observatory and classroom.

Inside the steakhouse.

Outside the steakhouse.

Large Texas jackrabbit feeding on the grass at CSAC.

Cynde with her new cowgirl hat purchased from Gentry's store in Crowell, TX.

Crowell's sole stoplight.

Ready to head out.

Cynde and the anxious-to-leave-town kids.

Sunset as we head toward Amarillo. We later learned that the storm to the right of the sunset produced several tornadoes.

Nice sunset from Paducah, TX.

Thank goodness for DVD technology. Movie kept the kids quiet.

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