Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 9 of vacation

Kids stand next to the Sea King responsible for 5 Apollo retrievals.

Beautiful weather, but a bit chilly when the wind picks up. The USS Midway is an impressive aircraft carrier. The museum provides a headset for an informative audio tour. Very educational. The aircraft collection consists of only planes and choppers utilized on aircraft carriers. Our visit to the beach was brief, but fun. Temperatures had started dropping, so we didn't stay long. The kids got to see surfers for the first time.

San Diego harbor is beautiful. It is right next to the airport and train station. All modes of transportation going on simultaneously.

Parker ready for his training flight.

Aiden gives orders to the pilot and co-pilot.


E-2 Hawkeye...a large plane for an aircraft carrier.

Aiden and Parker inside the Sea King.

F-14 Tomcat

USS Midway

USS Midway

Carlsbad beach

Parker enjoying the ocean.

City slickers on the beach.

Aiden is in his element. A lot more sand here than in his sandbox back home.

Aiden having a blast in the sand.

Conner reacts to the cold water.

Conner contemplating the meaning of life.

USS Midway

Seagull flying overhead.

Surfer about to wipeout.

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