Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 8 - I got to visit OPT's store

We are currently staying in Carlsbad, and I discovered we are just 5 min away from Oceanside Photo & Telescope, store that I've been ordering from for about 9 years. Parker went with me to visit. First telescope to greet us at the door was the PlaneWave CDK 17 (pictured above). I was captivated by the excellent construction. I offered to make a trade: they get Parker, I get the 17". No luck.

After 3 days of tromping all over Disneyland, the plan today was to do nothing but relax around the hotel and get some laundry done. The kids and I played in the hotel pool and took a dip in the jacuzzi.

Okay...if I can't have the $22,000 PlaneWave CDK 17, I'll settle for this ASA 10".

Ocean House restaurant: where we had supper.

Inside the Ocean House restaurant.

This hotel is very nice. Staff members are extremely friendly.

Cookies and milk are served every night in the lobby. The cookies are baked there and are quite yummy.

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