Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 7 - last day at Disneyland

Aiden wearing the Yoda shirt I picked out for him.

The California Adventure Park (CAP) section of Disneyland has various themes based on more recent Disney animations. The rides are more exciting than what's in regular Disneyland. Weather was wonderful. Cool and cloudy, but I still managed to get sunburned.

After a day at CAP, we headed out to Carlsbad, a suburb of San Diego and checked into a nice hotel. The hotel offers cookies and milk at 8:00pm each night. So we ventured down to the lobby where the NBA finals game 4 was on. Conner and I stayed until the game ended. What a close and exciting game. Wonder how the game would have ended had the refs called out-of-bounds on the Laker player, who in last minute had a foot out of bounds while he touched the ball. Refs missed the call.

Anyway, tomorrow is a day of rest and laundry. I hope to visit Oceanside Photo and Telescope just a few minutes away. I'm sure Cynde will require me to leave all credit cards behind before entering that store. Below are more photos from today:

Cars is Aiden's favorite movie.

Cynde really likes that Star Wars shirt I picked out for her. She wore it again!

Awww...cheesey, huh.

Muppets in 3D was actually very good. The 3D technology they use in that studio is phenomenal.Sadly, my kids know almost nothing about the Muppets. Guess we'll be renting past episodes. Think my fav was when Alice Cooper was the special guest.

Parker fleeing as a Disney employee tells him to stay on the other side of the ropes.

This interactive technological show was the best show we saw. John Davis is gonna have to explain to me how Disney pulled this off. The animated character Crush from Finding Nemo movie was displayed on a large LCD screen, but it was designed to look like a window to the ocean. Crush appeared on the screen and started asking the audience questions and we asked him questions. The turtle's facial expressions and mouth movement were superb. Somehow they could control his every move and expression for the real-time conversations.

Aiden did not want to leave Disneyland.

He's really, really sad about saying goodbye to Disneyland.

Farewell photo with Mickey.

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