Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 15 - Cloudcroft NM area

That's me standing next to the rolloff housing for the Apache Point 2.5 meter Sloan Digital Sky Survey telescope.

Aiden stands next to a National Solar Observatory (NSO) display of the sun. There are some earths next to the sun. The idea is to guess which earth is proper scale next to the sun.

First observatory dome on the NSO grounds. It was made from a grain bin.

Hiking the NSO grounds.

We saw a timber wolf and some deer. I was too slow on the camera and the car brakes to get a pic of the wolf.

This houses a 3.5 meter telescope on Apache Point.

The view from up here is incredible.

Conner enjoyed the infrared interactive display at the NSO museum.

This is a coronagraph at the NSO. By blocking out the solar disc, images of the edge prominences can be obtained in great detail.

Housing for the big solar telescope.

This large solar telescope goes deep into the ground. They use this for a number of activities, including granular detail of the solar surface.

Next to the big solar telescope is light path instrumentation.

No solar observing today.

NSO has a nice visitor center.

I like the street names.

This site was incredible. We saw about half of the main petroglyphs along the trail. A storm caused us to head for safety.

Heading back because of lightning.

Cynde and the kids enjoying the fire in the cabin. We're at 9000 ft and it is cold up here.

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