Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 11 - San Diego Zoo

This photo reminded Cynde and I of our three sons just as they get busted for rough-housing. Two will try to look innocent while one is pummeled underneath.

I'd like to know who had the bright idea of putting a zoo on a hillside. The trails took us to the bottom of the hill, then back up, then back down, then back up... It's a big, big hill. Anyway, San Diego has a very nice zoo facility, but Conner and Parker claim the Ft. Worth Zoo is better. We had a great time. I avoided posting pictures of the animals since most animals have already been seen. But I did post a select few for reasons that will become obvious as you read below each picture.

So we drove over 1500 miles to see Panda bears, and this is what we saw. I started looking around for hedge trimmers so I could clear the view. Afterall, this was the only zoo exhibit that had a line reminiscent of the Disneyland lines, and we had endured the line to see the famous Panda exhibit. The lady talking through the speaker system,in almost a whisper, explained how delicate the bear is, so they have to wake it carefully. Initial attempts to wake the bear had failed. I'm thinking, "Surely they could nudge this bear off the tree limb, right?" We had to move on since more people were in line behind us to see the panda's back between the leaves.

This was how most of the big cats displayed themselves: laying down in a hidden area. This black jag was the most visible, other than a cub you'll see below.

Most of the koala bears were hiding their faces. This one turned its face just briefly and so I was lucky to get this shot. They are adorable little critters.

Want to entertain meerkats? Bring a silver umbrella. Note the guy on the right with the silver umbrella. As he spun it, closed and opened it, and moved it around, the meerkats would react and the humans would laugh. This was my fav exhibit.

They posed for me!

Too cute.

Conner bummin' that he can't be a pest with his younger brothers. Little does he know that in reality...

Aiden and I watching little monkeys in the trees.

Cynde swears she has had hissing cockroaches invade her office at her employer. Their pest control service guy has yet to see any. I myself have been skeptical of her claim. So when she saw this display case of hissing cockroaches, she immediately identified the culprit. I'm still skeptical.

Aiden loved the otters. As they performed underwater stunts in front of him, he would giggle.

Note the jaguar cub in the background. Not sure if it wants to play with Aiden or see if Aiden would make good cat food.

Aiden and Conner watch the polar bears.

Parker and Aiden examine the rare Mang Pit Viper from China. Its skin is unlike any other snake. The skin is layered like dragon scales.

My family examines the anaconda snake. Thing was huge.

After his bee sting incident, Parker shows his ability to overcome his fear of bees by standing next to a wall of bees.

Parker models his new San Diego Zoo hat.

This polar bear was the only bear to put on a proper display of animal activity. The grizzly, black, speckled, and panda bears were either on strike or didn't get the memo that hibernation ended several months ago.

This rhino suddenly took off to lead all of its audience somewhere. Where could it be taking us?

Over to see the smaller rhino taking a whiz.

What's a Serval? Never heard of it. Very pretty cat.

Conner tries to get Aiden to pose with him and Parker under the zoo sign. Aiden was uncooperative.

Aiden takes a few steps away and then stops in his all too familiar "I'm not gonna do what you say" pose.

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