Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tak Epsilon 200

This AstroMart ad is for an astrograph that I didn't know existed: the Takahashi Epsilon 200 f/4. I've seen the E130, E160, E210, and the newer E180 ED f/2.8. This E200 isn't short and stubby like the others. The owner states he purchased it in 1988, so maybe this is a predecessor to the more recent models. What intrigues me here is the generous 56mm image circle. That should be enough to cover the Kodak 16803 and 9000 chips.

Speaking of the E180 ED f/2.8, my buddies and I noticed an interesting trend. Since August 1, there have been 10 of these models put up for sale on AstroMart.com. Is this due to the tanking economy? The scope seems like a perfect fit for modified Canon DSLR cameras. Sample images validate the match up. So why the massive turnover?

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