Wednesday, October 22, 2008

PlaneWave CDK12.5

I've been watching the PlaneWave group to see what kind of imaging results people are getting with the PlaneWave CDK12.5. PlaneWave claims that the Corrected Dall-Kirkham design is more affordable than an RC design, and can produce quality images. From their website:

The goal of the design is to make an affordable astrographic telescope with a large enough imaging plane to take advantage of the large format CCD cameras of today. Most telescope images degrade as you move off-axis from either coma, off-axis astigmatism, or field curvature. The CDK design suffers from none of these problems. The CDK is coma free, has no off-axis astigmatism, and has a flat field. The CDK consists of three components: an ellipsoidal primary mirror, a spherical secondary mirror and a lens group. All these components are optimized to work in concert in order to create superb pinpoint stars across the entire 42mm image plane.

I think this image speaks volumes about the performance. Seems PlaneWave's claims are accurate.

I like having long-term equipment acquisition goals. While I have my widefield dream setup, I hope to someday have a long focal length setup that is portable. For a long time, I had planned to get an RCOS 12". But I'm rethinking that based on the CDK price and performance.

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